Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m a full stack developer who likes to learn new things and push innovation. Besides software engineering, I’m also quite good at marketing strategies.

In 2018, I began Scarlet Social. My company that creates innovative experiences for brands. Mainly focused on Augmented Reality. I love AR, and I’ve became an expert in Social AR. My passion for creating led me to master the programs used, which are quite similar to game engines. I’ve learned to use physics engines, 3D math to transform things in 3D space, and much more. I am beginning work on my first game/simulator for virtual reality in 2020 using this knowledge to create a full VR experience.

Prior to this, I went to General Assembly. For their Web Development Immersive course. In my time there I learned many best practices in web development and new technologies.

What else do I do?

I do ALOT of other stuff. Some notable ones would be voice acting & impressions, gaming at the pro level, growing Social Media accounts, and I am an influencer on Snapchat with nearly 1 MILLION unique viewers per story as well as some other social medias in the past.

I’m also an Official Lens Creator on Snapchat and have won the Most Valuable Contributor award in 2018.

What I want to Learn

I want to learn many things, so here is a list:

How did I get to this point?

My love for games and development started many, many years ago. When I was about 11 years old. I was already a graphic designer and had dabbled in HTML to try and make website designs, that I designed, a reality. I sort of gave up on that eventually. But then some time passed, and I was obsessed with a game called “Garry’s Mod” Inside of the game there was an addon called “Wiremod”. It was basically an addon that lets you compute things and program cool effects for objects in the game. Inside of this was a chip, called E2 or expression 2. It had it’s own coding language. I mastered the visual node based coding of wiremod, but was always fascinated by my friend who could code in E2. I began to learn from him, and online resources.

After getting decent at E2 and being well known in the GMOD community. I wanted to make my own community server, knowing I could leverage my new found knowledge to work on the code. The servers were written in LUA. I ended up learning by doing. I never mastered it but I could fix errors and get the server working properly. This was when I knew, I would become a developer.

Fast forward to senior year of high school. I hated the idea of college. Expensive, 4 years worth of time, and I had to do a bunch of pretty much pointless side courses. I sought out to find another way to learn. I started with FreeCodeCamp. Which is amazing. Sometime after I heard about “bootcamp” schools for developers which sounded like exactly the thing for me. Through research I found General Assembly to be the best looking fit for me and it was in DC, so it wasn’t hard to attend since I grew up in Maryland.